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Bill Me Later Cons Dr.

Company Bill Me Later
Product / Service Account Charge
Location Knoxville, Tennessee
Category Finances
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I noticed I have a bill me later *** Dr.on my checking account for $84.00.

I have no idea who or what this is. I am a Senior and on my Social Security. I cannot afford this comming out. I can barely live as it is.

I need to know what the name of this company is and how to get in touch with them. Please if you can give me an address or phone number.

This is very upsetting to me.I live alone and am in poor health and certainly do not need some *** taking money out of my account. 2e8e56b

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Sep 02, 2013  from Greenwich, Connecticut
I thought this was fraud, same charge "Bill Me Later CONS DRS" in my checking account. However, since I check my account weekly, I was able to figure it out by the date and the amount. In my case, I had purchased a computer from HP. I paid for it by opening an "HPdirect account"....which I thought was a simple revolving account (like the one I had with Dell). It's a holiday today so I couldn't call my bank. However, the date and amount match up with my HP electronic payment. My guess is HP has contracted with Bill Me Later (a paypal/ebay affiliate) to manage their revolving accounts. Sure enough on the HP website in the fine print it says HPDirect is managed by Comenity Bank, which is Bill Me Later. So dig around in you memory, check your old email trash, you may have indeed charged something not directly labeled "Bill Me Later".....but the account is managed by "Bill Me Later". Their electronic signature is not helpful...but in my case it was a real charge.
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Jul 12, 2013  from Spring City, Tennessee
I don't know how I got a $50.00 charge to my Bank account, And there is no phone number, does anyone have a number where I can reach them?
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Jun 05, 2013  from Syracuse, New York
Bill me later is part of PayPal
Reply to Ronj

Apr 30, 2013 
Do you have a bill me later account through a third party? Like maybe Newegg?
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Aug 19, 2012 
I don't even have a fawken bill me later account nor ever apply for one n this *** fawken charge my fawken bank wif 150.00 n made my bank over draft...wtf???im contacting my bank first thing tomolo morning....
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Aug 15, 2012 
i don;t know how i got a 50/00charge to my account bank
5107321202670700, please help me i have no monies and would appreciate it if you would return my money.please
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Jul 04, 2013  from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
you need to remove your cc # asap sir
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Aug 14, 2012 
I was just checking my accounts with my bank and noticed a withdrawl for $130.05 from my account "Bill Me Later/ CONS DRS" and I did not know what it was for - now having to close account and start a new one. A lot of trouble for scammers having access that I did not provide. Would lov eto know more about "Bill Me Later/ CONS DRS" and how they got my ckg acct info.
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Dec 11, 2011 
Did you set up an account with Bill Me Later? If not, then your account number is out there and you need to contact your bank right away and demand that the amount be refunded and your account be changed. This is a lot of work if your SS check is direct deposited, so get going. Good luck.
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I wished I had read all the things regarding this company.Being that they were a subsidiary of Paypa...

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