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1800 878 0465 is allegedly a scam. I called pay pal since i received a statement and was told i was sent to collections. I call the number above and tbey are unable to take my call and asked me to call the same number again. Pay pal liiked for the acvount numbet on the statement and it does not exist. Beware

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nothing but lies,nothing but a scam to keep you oweing them money not 1 thing is true about this company they are the worst company there is do not get use there services you never get out of it the ruin your credit report late fees are higher than your payment they never have done 1 thing they said they do to help i cant say enough bad things about this company 1.they ruin your credit score 2.the 6 months no interest is a scam 3.late fees are... Read more

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Bill me later is an online cried card scam. They make it impossible all of a sudden to make a payment online and then when you call they want you to do automatic withdrawals. I refused and now they're harassing me because I can't log into their website to make a payment!

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My wallet was stolen together with one of the BP gift cards. I still have the receipt of the gift card when bought it from ebay. I immediately called EBAY seller and the seller refused to replace the stolen gift card even with the receipt and gift card number. I called PAYPAL and described the situation and was surprised to find that PAYPAL was unwilling to do anything! Shame on you to claim yourself to be a credit company and offer no... Read more

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I recently found out from my credit report that Paypal Bill Me Later did a hard pull on my credit about 5 months back and my credit score went down by more than 20 pts. I used to have a Paypal account for more than 10 years but I never really had any use of it ever. Although I was not a regular paypal user, I had to make a purchase from an online vendor who accepted only Paypal from US. While doing payment, I was offered the Bill Me Later option... Read more

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I also have this on my statement within the last few days and didn't have a clue either. I do have PayPal and BillMeLater which has been changed over to Paypal, they are one in the same. But shame on them for not spelling it out as billmelater on a payment showing up on statement. Why make people go through so much anguish and backtracking on something that simply could have been spelled out 100% better on statement. In my opinion the bank... Read more

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A fraudulent account was opened in my name. Bill me later along with comenity capital bank started sending invoices for online puchases. We never opened any account or made any online purchases. We called bill me later to dispute. The phone rep wanted date of birth, social security number. Address, phone number, email. I laughed at her. Asked her if she thought i was an ***!! She tells me unless i cooperate and give her this... Read more

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Received a bill for $5.00. Do not have a Bill Me Later account not a PayPal account.

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WARNING: BML will leave a HARD inquiry on your credit report when you first applied for credit with them. As an eBay shopper, I was fine checking out with Paypal, but BML would appear at check out and promote themselves. DO NOT fall for it! Not only will they leave a hard inquiry on your credit report, when you use it again after not using it for a while, they will leave ANOTHER hard inquiry! And according to my credit report analysis by... Read more

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I have bought many items off the internet using PayPal. For some reason on a few of my transactions I mistakenly chose Bill Me Later as a payment option. Bill Me Later never sent me a statement until my account was supposedly almost in default. Then of course the harassing phone calls started telling me I must make a payment. I believed my account was paid in full. However the person calling said it was overdue but couldn't tell me why. So I did... Read more

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