paid invoice on time with through the mail, month later called with 20.00 in charges for paying 10 days late. I did not pay anything late.

Andrea on the phone was arguementative, rude and would not transfer me to a supervisor after 30 minutes of arguing I found the sight on filing a class action lawsuit and would advise strongly to stay away from this company and file suit if they are trying to get you to pay unsubstantiated late fees. I had a copy of my invoice that showed it was on time, this is clearly a scam!


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your whole rambling paragraph has nothing to do with the fact that she did pay on time, and was chared a late fee, and the customer service rep did not want to hear it. That is why it is a SCAM!!!

You must work for Bill Me Later


I've had bill me later for 3 years now and they are not a scam. At first i was confused what bill me later was when i first applied for it and received my first bill.

But if you read or even call the company they call educate you on how it works and help you in anyway. If you did not know you had a bill me later, then you should probably read what you are agreeing to when buying something at a website before you click submit. If you read the Terms and Conditions they are a credit product and they have the right to charge you fees such as Finance or Late Fees. About 80% of Americans do not even read the fine print nor read Terms & conditions.

So calling Bill Me later Fraud is a False accusation and i recently had my hard times and bill me later was always there to help me. I have worked with other collections companies due to my unemployment, and if you actually listen to the employee instead of screaming or yelling at them. They will help you in any way! There job is to help and educate you, if you sent the payment in late you will always get a late fee.

Just like any other credit product such as Visa, Master card and even your own checking account you are charged over draft fees. If you can't agree with being charged fees, maybe you should not apply for a loan. Because they all have fees and you are responsible to pay then. Bill Me later didn't force you to apply for their account nor take ur Social number and create the account for you.

For everyone that is having a hard time with BIll me later, take the time and listen to the employee that is helping you or you can also verify at there website or call pay pal. Don't past judgement on a company or on a employee that is doing their job trying to help you before you are being negative. Bill Me later is a a great product and if offered at many site that give great deals.

I love using bill me later buying airline tickets because they always have a offer for 6 months with no payment or interest. Which i have used the past 2 years to buy my ticket home to Germany to see my family.

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