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I noticed I have a bill me later *** Dr.on my checking account for $84.00.

I have no idea who or what this is. I am a Senior and on my Social Security. I cannot afford this comming out. I can barely live as it is.

I need to know what the name of this company is and how to get in touch with them. Please if you can give me an address or phone number.

This is very upsetting to me.I live alone and am in poor health and certainly do not need some *** taking money out of my account.

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Had two charges on my business account under this.Thought it was a scam, but turns out they were legit charges.

Apparently Newegg.com and HPShopping.com / HP use this to process their payments. I purchased things from both and when I made my payment, they both showed up on my statement as WEBPAYPAL CREDIT (CONS DRS) / Withdrawal-ACH-A-BILL WEBPAYPAL CREDIT (CONS DRS) I'm sure other online stores probably use this as well.

Either way, hope this helps anyone trying to figure out what it is.Why they don't just say what it is or append what it is to the CONS DRS bit is beyond me.

Pittston, Pennsylvania, United States #898266

This is a legitimate charge.As is stated (by law) on all accounts, and contracted billing agents (it is there, you probably just didn't read the agreement as it does amount to around 20 pages, give or take and depending on whether the account is subrigated or not.

Most people do not read long documents as they are too lazy and just want the item they orderd. "BILL ME LATER CONS DR" and BILL ME LATER CONS DR" are both registered statement charge sources with with the SEC and FDIC, not to mention they are in the agreement legalese. These are valid charges, and are registered as being a subrogate amount charged on behalf of another company.

One more thing, your health, status as a Social Security leech, or other woe-is-me statements are superfluous and add nothing to the validity of your claim--THEY ARE COMPLETELY UNRELATED. This board is for posting issues related to actual problems, and unless you being poor is related to your claim somehow (I can't think of any, rather you are simply trying to elicit sympathy.

Fortunately, people like me [autistic individuals] are also forensic accountants, I am an accountant for the Commonwealth of PA; we lack empathy, so your pleas are do not elicit sympathy OR empathy, and further, they are irritating additional detail that adds nothing to your complaint).

Grow up or don't use such services, please.

Jonathan C.Smith, M.S., CPA, Ed.D.

to Anonymous Bryan, Texas, United States #932294


Why are you being an ***?

I am in the exact same boat as Anonymous. I am disabled. I live solely on Social Security Disability. I have little money.

3 times I have had items show up on my bank statement, totalling $120. In no case did I ever use the service "Bill me Later" though I DO have a credit line with them. It's never been used. Ever.

Does it matter that I am disabled and have little money? Yes. Is it relevant to the matter at hand? Yes.

Why? Because these people, when they do a credit check on prospects, have access to their credit reports and know what their sources of income is. I find it highly suspicious that a large number of people victimized by "Bill me Later" seem to be disabled or elderly. Targeting such people is done because the vendor feels they neither have the knowledge or the means to fight them.

But this IS going to see the light of day and they WILL rue the day they chose to take this tact.

Last week, fed up with my bank's refusal to deal with the matter because the charges are "preauthorized", I filed suit in district (federal) court and in time will seek class action status. I AM disabled, but only physically. You might have noticed that *I* am no shrinking violet and while I had to plead poverty in order to file the suit, lawyerless, the discovery process alone is going to force the truth out of Paypal. First and foremost, they are going to have to show that a computer matching...

Then they'll have to prove that *I* placed an order. They'll have to prove that they delivered an order. The bank will be more than happy to supply all of the necessary documents to show where the money went and how it occurred. Subpoena's have that effect.

You may think you're something special with a line of initials after your name, but hosing down Mr.

Anonymous because "Bill me Later" genuinely injured him was an error on your part. The worl is going to know how many times this has happened. There will be no settlements that keep the facts out of the public eye via a non-disclosure agreement.

The facts will be known is virtual real time as the discovery process begins.And you will have egg on your face...meanie.

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to Anonymous #1110525

I am sorry but it is completely uncalled for that you use your disability as an excuse to be a ***.I know several people who have autism and they all go out of their way to try to recognize societal norms and practice widely accepted conversational habits and interactions.

Whereas you appear to use it as a means of saying whatever you want without having to feel any remorse over suffer any repercussions from it. You wouldn't want people to assume things about you because of your diagnosis, so why would you assume things about others based on their use of a government program?

You do not know this person or what they have gone through and to assume that they are just a lazy leach on society only shows your own ignorance. While there are likely people who take advantage of this system, Social Security is something that we are putting our own money into and have the right to receive back. Some people, like my 68-year-old mom, have practically all of their income from Social Security and disability and it barely covers her rent, let alone other necessary expenses.

She has many health problems and still works for several families as a nanny just so she can get by.

She even worked for a family yesterday when she felt like she might have a kidney stone coming because she needed the money.I should certainly hope that you wouldn't call someone like her lazy or a leach.

to Anonymous #1127633

What is the point of being so ugly? Does it accomplish anything?

Greenwich, Connecticut, United States #710450

I thought this was fraud, same charge "Bill Me Later CONS DRS" in my checking account.However, since I check my account weekly, I was able to figure it out by the date and the amount.

In my case, I had purchased a computer from HP. I paid for it by opening an "HPdirect account"....which I thought was a simple revolving account (like the one I had with Dell). It's a holiday today so I couldn't call my bank. However, the date and amount match up with my HP electronic payment.

My guess is HP has contracted with Bill Me Later (a paypal/ebay affiliate) to manage their revolving accounts. Sure enough on the HP website in the fine print it says HPDirect is managed by Comenity Bank, which is Bill Me Later.

So dig around in you memory, check your old email trash, you may have indeed charged something not directly labeled "Bill Me Later".....but the account is managed by "Bill Me Later".Their electronic signature is not helpful...but in my case it was a real charge.

to Rick #874587

I made a payment to my New Egg card thru New Egg website, and it posted to my checking acct as CONS DRS PAYPAL CREDIT. This transaction is legit.

to aok #874996

Same here; but at the time I noticed mine I had no idea that PAYPAL CREDIT DRS means Newegg preferred credit account.It didn't show up on my paypal account, so I had my bank reverse the charges, thinking it was an error, only to get an email an hour later from Newegg.

WTF didn't they just say Newegg on the charges? Now I'm going to be pissed if they charge me some sort of fee for the chargeback. I swear I will close out my account with them and never buy anything from them again if they try that with me. This is there own fault for not being clear about what the charge is for.

Not too mention this account used to come up on my statement as bill me later. I mean come on Newegg, Paypal! Really? No email letting me know about the name change?


to Rick Maumee, Ohio, United States #967849

Thank you. I also purchased a computer from them. It all makes sense now.

Spring City, Tennessee, United States #679440

I don't know how I got a $50.00 charge to my Bank account, And there is no phone number, does anyone have a number where I can reach them?

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