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I was pre-approved for Bill Me Later just this morning. I have been eyeing a new futon cover as mine is decimated but I would probably have bought the thing in a couple of weeks when I got paid next rather than getting it today, but I figured with the pre-approval and an extra $20 from Ebay . . . why not?

So I went ahead and bought the futon cover and filled out the info that Bill Me Now wanted so it could approve me. It came right back with an instant denial. I don't know how my credit score could have changed from THIS MORNING to this afternoon . . . I don't have perfect credit but it's pretty darn good. I didn't want to get denied for credit or I would not have bothered if I thought there was a chance I would be denied. Avoid this company like the plague it is!

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I've had an account with them for a couple of years now.The only problem I have had in that time was a recent late fee.

I talked to a supervisor, he said there was nothing that can do. I had 3 members of my family pass in the last 6 months. They said it was machines that ran the place. Other than that I have not had any issues like what you guys are experiencing.

I am glad too.


I have been treated like *** by Bill-me-later.There seems to be no one in charge there.

The co called supervisors are just robots that repeat the same things over.

They also say one thing and do another.(lie)...CONSUMER BEWARE!


Approved for $500 or more.Was sent email saying to link PayPal with BML.

Everytime I try to link, through PayPal next page says Oops this page does not exist. And through bill me later it says we cannot link based o. The information provided. In the meantime I am getting multiple emails from BML saying how easy it is to connect the accounts or we are sorry you can't link your accounts.

And the radiator just sits in my cart on eBay.You can't contact them through the email they send because it is a DNR.

With today's technology, this is poor business.


I was approved when i put my information in for $500.00.I used it one day to make approx.$240.00 in Purchases then froze that night.

"To have me send in Copy of my ID and Two Bills with Address to make sure it was me" Fine I appreciate that. It took them 1 full week to take care of this. When it was back up i charge a few more items and approvedonly to have them send out an e-mail to me later in the evening Saying my account was blocked and could no longer be used??? Hello my account still has Available credit what the?

I really don't need their services that badly and they obviously don't need my business or interest!Bye Bye


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Good thing I read the forum before applying .. Thanks :(


the only problem I've had is you can't go one penny over credit limit,or you get denied.tried to buy something a little over credit line thought i could pay the over with paypal but got denial.since i already committed to buy had spend money i couldn't afford.


:) Ive been using BML for years to purchase from AMazon.com; and walmart... Never denied, never had a problem... I get the bill about 2-3 weeks later pay it and thats it.....


Bill Me Later is in no shape or form a scam.Since Bill Me Later is a credit product you receive in the mail/ email from credit card companys that you are pre approved (Visa, MC, AMEX, etc)Pre approved does not mean that you will get accepted it means that you fall into that category that you can get credit.

If you say that you have good credit then great apply. If not it just sucks to be you.

If you are declined then you will be sent an email within 24-48 hours from when you received that decline.When you type you info into the application if that info does not match with whats on your credit report than you will get declined.


Bill me later is a SCAM. For sure.

Cannot delete your account. Icky policies and service.

Stay as far away as possible.

You'll only have yourself to blame if you fall for it.

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