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Used BML to order a few things off the net with one order on the 6 month promotional plan.Sent in payments and BML applied all my payments to the 6 month promotional which WAS 250 dollars, and slapped me with a 400 bill the next month.

Something told me to ask them when was my next bill and they said that I had like 20 bucks left on my 6 promotional no payment and 400 on the standard bill for the next month.

Geez, why would they think I'd want to pay that one off first?Rip off!

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #746353

I will keep working on getting PayPal Bill me later shut down so the poor people can have money again it's bad enough with the president now you gotta worrie bout this too it's a joke :x

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States #746340

I hate them PayPal Bill me later is the biggest SCAMMERS I think they should be put out of business


Bill Me Later has went back and reordered my purchases so that the purchase that I paid in full the very next month is not being counted as the 'six month free interest' purchase that they are now saying is being charged interest that is DOUBLE the minimum payment. In other words the smaller amount that was charged two months ago is not being counted as being paid on, but the larger amount from six months ago that I paid in full is on my bill as 'promotional period with 0 interest has run out."

Can you say 'scamming crooks'? Why can't the government put them out of business for crooked business dealings?


On Aug 2, 2012 Bill Me Later debited my bank account for $1100.worth of Ralph Lauren products ordered by someone with a similar email address.

I never ordered or received these products and sent a dispute form which was never answered.

I have sent numerous emails to no avail.Now I cannot even access my account as they blocked it!


I have absolutely NO problem with Bill Me Later! I review my bill, pay the total due for my current purchases in full every time amd pay my promotional balances when they are due. Education is the key in being successful with BML....

to Lance Brown Bloomington, Indiana, United States #742979

Absolutely! I do the same, and have not had any problems at all. It's all about being an informed consumer.


I can't believe these guys screwed me out of $70.I've never been late on any of my accounts.

I love the business model I wish I was an investor. Bill me later should be called "Bill you after you are 2 months in arrears". Where did my bill go? junk email...

right good one! I have a novel idea if the bill is late send out a paper bill... huh??? you know how that works right?

make a call or something. no let's wait until the customer racks up late fees and interest rate at 20% then send out a bill.

Thanks but no thanks.Unreal.


I too got scamed with late fees by BML.They coded my checking account as savngs and the payment didn't go through.

All this time I thought my account was in 0 balance until I get a paper bill with additional $64.95 in late fees and interest charges for a $31.00 purchase. Customer service is terrible also. They keep repeating that they'll send cancellation mail when I asked how to cancel the account on-line.

I finally found a Q&A that you can't cancell on-line.You have to call or mail.


I used BML to buy hardcore *** *** and a month later I was charged 20 dollar late fee


I've had an account with BML that I got thru (they don't use it anymore) a few years ago, and I LOVE it.Never had a problem, use it mainly for QVC.

I've always paid on time, and it's positively no hassle, they've automatically given me increases in my credit line. I guess the clue is PAYING ON TIME.

DUH.It could be that PayPal is the culprit; I've never used them, sounds sort of like a bait-and-switch on their part.

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