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I received a letter this week from Bill Me Later stating that my recent attempt to open an account was declined. It provided no details aside from it was related to an ebay transaction on a specific day.

I was extremely surprised. I did not try to open an account with them that or any other day nor did I have any ebay transactions that day. Even if I did, I would not use Bill Me Later. I have several trusted and reliable funding sources linked to my PayPal account.

I had an account with Bill Me Later years ago which I canceled because I was unhappy with their service and so have ZERO desire to open an account with them now. I emailed them about the error. They said they were sorry I was concerned about being declined, please call so that we can discuss it. I emailed again that they apparently did not read my first email.

I DID NOT try to open an account. They again emailed that I needed to call. I emailed again stating that it was my third and final email. I was NOT going to call.

Either someone tried to open an account in my name or it was a computer error. They needed to look through their records to figure it out. I did not apply so I cannot answer any questions. They emailed, please call so that we can help you.

Honestly, what would a call accomplish? I have zero information about the situation aside from what is in the letter which they sent. Guess they are uninterested in investigating a possible fraudulent attempt to open an account. Very poor and unresponsive customer service.

Reminds why I canceled all those years ago.

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This just happened to me. I'm curious if you ever got any answers or any resolution?


mark, SAME HERE! i am still trying to get to the bottom of this but the one thing i do know is that i NEVER attempted to sign up with BillMeLater in the first place- as i avoid credit debt to the very best of my ability- and i am so glad they actually declined their own fraudulent attempt to open an account in my name without my knowlege or permission.

ive just been reading literally hundreds of complaints about this company on the paypal discussion boards.

paypal is i think how the whole BML thing came up in my case as they keep pushing incessantly to link all purchases with 'bill me later' which i continually am forced to decline.



I received a letter from Bill me later that stated I requested to open an account or make a purchase and that I was not approved due to inaccurate credit. There was no number or email on the letter.

I found their # online, called and they said, you might be a victim of identity fraud you should call equifax and have your credit checked, here is the number. MMMM!

I smell a rat. I think equifax is in on this scam!!!


Got an email thanking me for my purchase?? called bill me later told them I didn't have an account.

Told them it was fraud and to close the account. They said they would and cancel the PENDING transaction. I checked the next the account is still open and they approved the transaction. I called to why the treated me as a criminal were very rude called me a liar about their telling me they would stop the transaction.

and I would now have to file a fraud claim in order to not have to pay the money. Seems like Anyone who has you birth date and the last 4 of your Social and address can open a account is as little as 3 sec without any verification other than that then you are responsible :(

But it takes MONTHS and a Affidavit to prove it was not you even if you catch the fraud before it happens


@ Aequitas - I also received the same letter in February. However, I was the victim of identity fraud.

What is extremely frustrating is that I have been calling Bill Me Later every month because I continue to receive bills from them even. My case has apparently been moved to the fraud department, but I received yet another bill today. I am beyond PISSED.

I have reported them to the credit bureau and will do everything in my power to ruin their reputation because they are making my life impossible and ruining my credit simply because they are incompetent. Good luck to you!

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