I made three purchase between 2 in august 2012 and 1 in Oct 2012. The August charges were interest free until 3/28/13 and the Oct was interest free until 5/28/13.

I arranged for automated banking payments that would cover the August purchase and payoff by March--the last payment was on March 15, 2013. Since I was paying above the needed amount, the October purchase would have been paid off by April. In January, BML started to split the payments equally to all three charges--which I did not notice. (i.e.

automated payments-I wasn't worried). But I should have worried because BML slapped me with a $54.21 charge on a remaining balance of $34.10 of the August balance.

I called to inquire and ask that it be removed and the only way to do this is in a written note to BML--who the "***" conducts customer service that way. Very deceptive company with no customer opportunity for resolution unless you write a note and mail it.

Monetary Loss: $54.

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