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All through December, I received numerous e-mails from Bill Me Later informing me of my increase in my credit line and how I should use that credit to take advantage of their special "no interest" financing. I even accessed Tiger Direct through their web site and placed an order 'simply selecting Bill Me Later at checkout" but I did not receive the special financing.

I called not but two days after the purchase when it appeared that the purchase was listed on "my recent transactions" list as a regular purchase. I sent an email to clarify and was told it was being looked into and I would see adjustments, if any!!!!, in one to two business days. I did not see any adjustments so I filed a complaint of which I was told that the emails were not deceptive and that I was not going to receive any special financing on the purchase. I have since made a minimum payment and been charged interest, $33.

When I signed up for Bill Me Later, their sales pitch was make a purchase and decide how you want to pay if off. Take up to six months to pay the balance with no interest if you met the minimum purchase amount requirement. What a bunch of bull$&%^! I purchased a laptop from Best Buy and simply selected Bill Me Later at checkout.

I did not receive the six month no interest financing so I called to dispute it. Bill Me Later apologized, credited the interest charge, and placed the purchase amount on a "no payments until xx/xx/xx" deferred interest transaction. I got the six months no interest financing but I had to beg for it!!!!Bill Me Later is corrupt and uses false advertisement to conduct it's business. I find the relationship between them and PayPal a big dissappointment and most of the time confusing.

I have checked out with PayPal at times only to find my purchase was payed with Bill Me Later.

I think PayPal is a good service and there is a need for what they do. They definitely need to distance themselves from Bill Me Later and WebBank.

Monetary Loss: $2100.

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every one of these complaints can be directly traced to either the inability or refusal of the complainant to read ALL of the offers or promotions.

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