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I wished I had read all the things regarding this company. Being that they were a subsidiary of Paypal, I didn't think twice.

I have had nothing but problems. I have emailed several times with no response. I have called to get the standard "I don't know" or "it should post soon". Basically, I have two POSTED PAYMENTS that are listed, however it doesn't show up as available credit.

I have done the math, know what I purchased, know what is remaining and know how much credit should be available. They still show the wrong amount. I even tried calling Paypal who won't even let me speak to someone at their company regarding this, just want to transfer me. That does me no good because Billmelater reps DO NOT CARE.

They are rude and absolutely just don't know a thing about their jobs.

I am going to pay this off and never use it again, thankfully, it's not a lot of money that I still owe.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #785007

i have $812 for available credit. Do I have to pay it all back over time even though I stopped using Bill Me Later? Because I keep getting notices from them saying I have money I owe.

Muskegon, Michigan, United States #627946

I do not recollect any agreement to pay such ridiculous fees, which likely are illegal. In Michigan, the MCPA, Michigan Consumer Protection Act allows for treble damages & atty fees, although it has been watered down a bit, it was very powerful.

(worst is that the worst most abusive industry, the insurance companies, managed to get subsequent legislation exempting them). Also, small claims court, where typically the loser has to pay the court filing fee & costs, but no legal fees or payment for your time. But it works well & worked well for me for Comcast, Sprint, & shortly Frontier I expect. However, you need a physical address to have them served, and it appears BillMeLater is going to considerable lengths therefore to hid their address to not be served (and likely from those they really hurt going postal).

Do you have their address?

I'm going to work on that & will let you know & ask you to please consider doing the same. Good luck.


I am the person that wrote that complaint. I pay ALL my bills on time.

They did NOT lower credit limit. I already spoke to them. They have my payments, they are have been posted out of my account. I made two within the same week so I wouldn't get an interest charge.

I think that ticked them off. Thanks for assuming the worst of me though...appreciate it.

I have already contacted the BBB. And I DID verify with BillmeLater that they did not lower my credit limit.


Urmon, unless you own Billmelater or your tail is on their payroll, Pray, how do you know "this person did not pay their bills and account is pending closure"

It does not take much brain to figure damage control Reps out shovelling BS on behalf rogue Scammers


BillMeLater is under no obligation to provide you with any credit. They can discontinue working with you at any time.

Most likely - this person didn't pay their bills.

And now the credit company just wants to close their account after they pay it off. So they lower the credit limit little by little until it reaches $0.

This company is done with you, and could care less.

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