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I was on ebay a long time ago, and noticed something was different about the checkout when I tried to use paypal. I saw something about buying the item now and paying later through a company called Bill Me Later. I used it, thinking "Oh hey, there's no catch." WRONG!!! There is a catch, it's called interest and I fell for it big time. I only used their service about five times because things were going well. I bought 2 items that both equaled $200. They were parts for my main computer that I REALLY needed in order for the computer to function anymore. I lost my job, and I could not pay them back. I actually called THEM to tell them this and to put my account on hold.

Months later, there's still no job, and I get a call from them... Not only are there some late fees... THERE'S OVER $200 IN LATE FEES! I go to check, and yep... that's exactly what happened. I answered a few of their calls and told them "I do care about how much I owe you, but I'm not paying a *** thing this until you wave the enormous amount of late fees." "I don't know what you're talking about, sir." and then they hung up after me arguing with them for another two minutes. I checked my account 10 minutes later and the fees were STILL there. They have never put my account on hold or closed it, so I closed my paypal account for good and am changing numbers. So much for wanting to move, since I'm pretty sure they'll try to sue me or something.

Don't EVER use this terrible service. Just use your credit card!

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The people who say it's your fault are morons. BillMeLater is well known to have almost impenetrable logic. It's not just fine print, it's indecipherable fine print.

You said you made 2 purchases. This is what I'm trying to find out - does the no-interest-no-payments offer still hold, or can you have made only ONE purchase? I'm betting that's where they got you. I once got the deal and paid it off within six months, no problem. But now I've used it a second time - still, no problem, except I want to make another $100 purchase. Will they honor both as no-interest etc, or will interest and owed payments start accruing?

The fact that they send neither US mail statements nor EVEN email statements is more than enough indication that they're crooks.


This is absurd. The enrtie purpose of the Torrens Title system is to eliminate the archaic recording system currently in use, to dispel clouds in title, and to prevent adverse claims against title.

The SJC is partially responsible for undercutting the registered land system with a series of cases allowing the same rubbish claims against registered land that the common law allows against unregistered land, but title insurance salesmen are also responsible, by encouraging homeowners to buy their useless product. Iowa is right: title insurance is not a real product, it insures basically nothing, it consists mostly of kickbacks, and should be abolished.


I shop at Ebay Myself. At finally checkout when you click pay for item it tells you what it is charging before you complete your order.

I have accidentally charged one of my cards. And it was my vault that i did this, because i did not read what i was clicking before pressing submit. Always make sure you read what you are doing on the web when ordering or buying from a website.

The company did not force you to use them, you applied for there service and you should always read before you click something. THis will prevent any issues such as accidentally applying for their service and maybe even clicking a virus that could mess up your computer.


@James: I agree to making legitimate purchases, but if you do not see what they are doing then I feel sorry for you. I did make legitimate purchases, I was paying them back for a while and then I made these two purchases and set up payment dates.

The payments never went through and I was charged late fees. I called both them and the bank, and the bank told me it was a merchant thing... So I called billmelater next and they had horrible advice for me.

I seriously don't know what they think they're going to get out of me by suing me. If I can't pay them now, what makes them think a court will help.

Sell my bed?

***, if it equals the amount I genuinelly owe I'll sleep on the floor. I don't care!


You made the deal you owe the money. Any person of average intelligence reads that "small print" before they agree to any contract involving money. You are a fool for allowing yourself to acquire such financial burden and you have no one to blame but yourself.


First of all, it's pretty obvious up front that Bill Me Later is a type of credit lending service. They give a pretty good heads up that interest will be charged on each statement until paid in full.

I've used Bill Me Later (No payments/no interest for 6 months) with no issues and wasn't charged a dime in fees, because I read the consumer information and understood it before diving into a new payment method.

I've never heard of a credit company that will simply "put your account on hold" based on a job loss. In addition to this, even if an account is put on hold, this does not justify the removal of all previously accumulated late fees.

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