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I used Bill Me Later to pay for something purchased on the web with no interest for 6 months. Never received a bill at 6 month.

Got a bill 8 months later with late fees and interest charges for about $50.00. I called them and they took out the late fees but they will not take out the interest charges of $15.00. This is how they get you. And it took me about half an hour to talk to a live person.

They're a part of Paypal, the other 1%. Consumers are getting ripped off with their unfair tricky practices.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Your an ***, should they really have to send you a bill when you obviously knew when it was? No problems from them here.

Miami, Florida, United States #831825

??? Really ???

Are you really that *** ??? You just blamed your self !!! " 8 " Months Later on a " 6 " month interest free bill !!!

WOW !!! Mother should have swallowed you.

Roseville, California, United States #782816

Another person blaming someone else for their own irresponsibility. What about 6 month interest free did you not understand?

Obviously if you miss that 6 month mark they are going to add all the back interest onto the account. So you aren't responsible for knowing when your bills are typically due? You leave that all to the credit company you are dealing with to remind you? Grow up, take responsibility for your own actions.

I'm getting ready to use BML for the first time and thought I'd come on here and see what the typical complaints were.

Seems the majority if not all of them are all the purchasers fault for missing payments or forgetting to pay by the 6 month period. Looks like I'd have no problem using them since I keep track of my finances and pay as I have agreed to.

Oakland, California, United States #778906

I love bill me later. I am enjoying there services and there are things I need for my dog that I can pay off over time with bill me later. I love you bill me later.


I Love BML... No interest for six months...Just pay your BILL off early!!! :) :)


I too have had no problems with BML. I have a 2000$ credit limit with them.

I've bought appliances, clothes, jewelry etc....I can schedule when my payments come out of my bank account so they automatically come on out on the day I choose.

There should be no excuse for late payments. They even email reminders when your payment is due.

But I would defiantly try to pay it off before the 6 month "grace" period.


I use their 6 month offers all the time. in fact, i don't buy something with it unless i can get the 6months without interest.

I get my statements online, and pay it off by the due date (like every statement says) and i've never pay interest.

I don't see how people have any room to complain when everything they're mad about was clearly outlined in the terms and conditions. I know "no one reads those", but I do. When I'm opening anything that can effect my credit, i sure as *** read them (well I at least skim them for the important stuff like grace periods and fees).

Don't sign up for something if you don't know what you're getting into. It's your own fault for being an unaware consumer.


their practices suck

they hook by offering no interst for 6 months on your purchase, then you dont recieve a statement, out of site out of mind.

then you get a phone call after the promo period ends and after a few months of fees hmm imagine that! make a payment over the phone mention about the no statement get told they will take care of it and the same thing happens again no more statements for a few months, outta site outta mind right?

realize this go through the process of logging in or trying to because no help on the phone . pay it off, change account info and all get a confirmation , think all is good right? WRong!! finally get a paper statement after they place a phone call saying no payment recieved??


more fees $200 in fees & interest for a freebie Ha! my bad to good to be true it always is


I have used BML without problems because I am good at keeping track of when payments are due and what late fees and interest amounts are. In fact, they reimbursed me for a defective TV bought on Ebay.

It is not a service for the unaware consumer. I always stay ahead of late fees and interest.

The major drawback is they do not report payments to creditors so it can only ruin your credit if you mess up. Was good for temp use but I will cancel it soon.


Honestly, you never received a bill for 6 months and it their fault? What other credit cards do you have that let you go 6 months without being charged interest? Sign me up!


never had a prob. verry satisfied with bill me later


The only people who are crying about BML are the ones who don't pay on time. It's your fault.

If I was BML I wouldn't have even refunded your late fees. You were late, you deserved the fee.

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