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Bill Me Later never sent me an invoice for the amount I owed them. Months later, when I finally did receive one, there were 2 months worth of late fees on there.

I called them, and the operator I spoke with told me the late fees would be waived if I paid the amount owed. I did. Now three months later, they are sending me invoices saying I owe late fees for not paying the late fees. I have tried communicating with them via email, since I don't trust them on the phone, and every response I get is from a no reply email address.

They call me constantly, my stance hasn't changed.

How can you charge someone late fees for a bill not sent? I am turning this over to my states attorney general.

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I never said I didn't owe money. I paid what I owed, for the product I purchased.

Why should I have to pay a late payment on the charge though, if they never sent me a bill for it? It was 1-800-pet-meds, I usually use my debit card. This one time I happened to use bill me later and did space it.

I appreciate your input, but I paid the amount owed. The other thing is, I called them when I did receive a bill, and explained to them what happened and apologized for not having paid it, the guy on the other end said he would waive the late fees if I paid the amount of the original charge, which I did, and the late fees were never waived.


I agree with Sessa, If you are shopping on the web and buy items worth 100 and use the excuse you didn't receive the bill. Bill are sent out to you for a reminder.

Do you not pay your car payment or house payment when you don't receive a bill? Do you call them and complain i didn't pay because i didn't receive a bill? I don't think so. YOu know you have to pay the bill each month.

You signed the contract, and if you are shopping online don't you think hey, that $100 i charged on my Visa never was there and i got product..

Do you think it was for free? no, you owe money and have to pay for it and its your error that you didn't read the fine print.


This is one of those regular complaints that make my head hurt. So, your ____ bill got lost in the mail or you didn't get it and somehow that means you don't owe the money?!?

This seems to be a common occurence with certain "I take no responsibility for myself" consumers. You KNOW you incured the debt right? Occasionally I don't get a credit card bill from one of my creditors.

I don't then think Oh, I must not owe this month. The payment doesn't magically disappear if you don't get the bill!!!!

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