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I subscribed to Bill Me Later, and when I signed up, I said I wanted to pay directly from my PayPal account, which had money in it. My statements never said I owed anything; so I assumed it was coming from PayPal.

Lo and behold, I signed in yesterday to BML, and there was my original charge, two months later. SO, I went into PayPal and send over money to make a payment. Bill Me Later received it, and SENT IT BACK TO PAYPAL. That is just plain idiocy or incompetence (or a little bit of both).

Keepin' that paper trail for sure. So, now I am afraid to send them a check for payment - thinking they'll (a) keep it and not credit me,(b) send it back with some idiotic comment, or (c) lose it.

This organization is connected with PayPal... Come on PayPal, get with the program and fix this or cut it loose.

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Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #694306

Bill me later lied to me to cancel the credit card, and they said they gave money to hotwire for rental car that I never drove from Hertz. Bill me later turned my account to collection agency after doing that with Hotwire. BillMeLater and Hotwire are both scammers!

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