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I ordered parts for my cookware from Regal Ware online. When I went to pay, I signed into my PayPal account.

The computer did not show my PayPal Smart Connect account information. Instead they slammed me, and signed me up for a BillMeLater account, (A new credit account). They said my first purchase would have a $10.00 credit. Ebay offers the same $10.00 credit if you apply for a BillMeLater account on your first purchase.

After you make your first purchase, the company does not send you account disclosure statements. Also, they never sent me an account statement. They were sending me Emails stating I had a payment that was due for two months on an account that never appeared on my credit report. I pulled my report and checked it.

I did not know what the account was that they were talking about. Next month, I received another Email, and this time the account balance had $37.00 in fees on it. They said the account was past due, and added fees and interest. I did get them to reverse the fees.

However, they did not reverse the interest. I paid the balance because I never saw a charge on my PayPal Smart Connect for the charge I did. They crammed me into a new account BillMeLater which I did not want. I did not know I even applied for this account.

Ebay offers the $10.00 credit on your first statement if you apply on a purchase through them. You never receive a first statement from this company, and also do not receive account disclosure statements in the mail. The $10.00 credit being offered on Ebay and other merchants to sign you up on BillMeLater is a scam. They gave me the $10.00, and then tried to stick me with $37.00 in fees with no account disclosure statement ever sent to me.

Someone else complained about this company and said they should be called ScrewMeLater. How can they charge you fees when you never received any account disclosures from them?

Monetary Loss: $37.

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Ravenna, Ohio, United States #731175

Bill me later is a paperless service; they send everything electronically. Since they signed you up without your consent, they probably didn't tell you that all account info is electronic+available on the Bill Me Later website.

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