I am always amazed at how paypal/billmelater have the purchase transcactions show up immediately on your account when you make a purchase; but it takes days and days to get a refund. The vendor was quick, shipping label, I returned right away and the return was processed in a day with refund posted quick...now on to paypal/bill me later...3-5 business days; 10 if I had not used paypal.


It is my money...give it back, you can't just hold it in your pocket because you feel like it. I use the benefit of paying off before they can get me for finance charges...that is the only reason to use this service.

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Jersey City, New Jersey, United States #745692

Bill me later will keep your money


I was just scammed out of alot a money with eBay n bill me later what do I do?


PayPal is a big scam


They will probably take this down but yes there theifs PayPal Bill me later both are *** and Rob you blind without you noing


PayPal is a big scam there bad and bill me later is there biggest scammer theifs


They all make no sense BS when called PayPal the biggest SCAMMERS eBay love's scamming right with them and they keep your money without you noing watch your money when dealing with these crumbs!!!


PayPal and Bill me later are the biggest SCAMMERS and they will keep giving you the same run around BS wish was another way too pay ps eBay SCAMS together

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