through paypal had this account for a few years, used it, no intrest for 6 months was a good deal 4 ebay purchases.

Used it 5 or 6 times always paid in full with no interest charges. THEN I made a fatal mistake, I moved!

Bill me later, without notification, closed my account because they had an invoice with a ZERO balance due returned to them! USPS failed to forward the mail....

Unknowingly, I tried to use this account to pay 4 an ebay purchase and the screen just kept kicking me out. Finally I called KRISTEN said they closed my account because the mail was returned. ASHLEY the "supervisor" said it would take 3 days to reinstate the account due to the address change(which had previously been submitted to them online.)

3 days later I STILL cannot pay for my ebay purchase...reluctantly have to call again ..get KRISTEN on the phone AGAIN she NOW tells me I have to electronically verify rates, then wait another THREE days and they will reinstate my account! NO A WORD OF THIS 3 days earlier!...ASk to speak to Supervisor ..get SCOTTwho tells me..not only will I have to wait ANOTHER 3 days...but they will need to pull AND DING my credit! MY CREDIT SCORE IS 818!

This is all due to the fact that I moved! HAs ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with my credit payment or ability to pay!...

I have NEVER had a worse customer service response ....they treat good customers like GARBAGE!

Have ZERO understanding of dealing with people...they never answered a direct question!...Only read from a monitor....and they wonder why they cannot hold a job over $10 an hour!

They did an excellent job of getting rid of a great paying client!.....

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Versailles, Ohio, United States #580076

bill me later gave me a credit limit of 1200.00 tried to buy items then was turned down, been calling trying to fix the problem, never did. trying to close account!!!!


Iron Fist just gave a FATALITY



You have an 818 credit score yet need to rely on BML to make a purchase? Why not just whip out your AMEX or Chase with great cash back? Better yet, why not take some personal responsibility for YOUR actions. They have a strict rule about addresses being current and you broke it.

Someone with an 818 credit score *** well knows better than to move and not let ALL creditors know. This one's on you pal so no more crying about it.

If you really have an 818 credit score, then get some prime credit cards and be more responsible about things.

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